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Staff Leasing


It represents the ideal solution in those cases where flexibility becomes the top priority for the company. Briefly, SKY JOB will hire directly the employee.

When choosing staff leasing becomes crucial

It is an elastic and flexible tool, the most appropriate solution for all those circumstances where shortcomings in staffing are to be managed effectively and rapidly as possible.

— Work increases due to acquisitions of new projects
 — Seasonal needs
— Start-ups
— Changeovers of personnel.

Why choosing Sky Job for staff leasing

Because Sky Job relieves the company of all tasks related to staff recruitment and administrative management. The company will only have to identify and appoint its assignment and tasks. Sky Job will achieve the rest. Because the service costs cover always and only the actual hours worked.

Because there is the opportunity to extend the termination of the fixed- term contract, allowing a larger task scheduling in time. Is to provide growth opportunities through work. Is to provide companies with all the resources they need in order to achieve to the very best results, ensuring their employees continuous professional development.


search and selection

Research and selection activity aims to identify resources whose experience and expectations match with the tasks required, who are able as well to achieve the required tasks.

The selected applicants will be hired directly by the company. Sky Job manages the recruiting process in all its phases.

When choosing search and selection

The activity of research and selection of professionals is particularly demanding, as it requires a plenty of time and a very specific expertise. Meanwhile, it is a fundamental mean for all businesses, small, medium and large whether:


— The priority is to select staff who will hold specific positions within the company.
— The skills and qualifications searched are difficult to be matched in other applicants.
— The company does not have an HR office, nor staff adequately skilled.

Why choosing Sky Job for research and selection

Because it relieves the company internal staff to carry out such activity. Not only the recruiting process requires a great knowledge of all the tools and operating methods, but above all, it requires a great amount of time to pursue and monitor each phase: job applications collection, requirements assessment, selection meetings, evaluation. 

Because Sky Job uses the most innovative and specific channels research.

Because it ensures all the support needed, even during the negotiation phases, for classification and remuneration of the applicants.



An adequate management of the staff has a considerable impact on the productivity of a company. It is very important to increase its value and competitiveness.

Sky Job jointly with the client analyses, jointly with the customer, strategies and business objectives to design or implement consistent training and organizational models.


When an organizational consulting is required

Companies often deal with changes in scenarios, large growths or downsizing. In order to properly manage these situations, the companies shall review 


their organizational processes and their HR sector, adapting both of them to the new scenario.

Sky Job can assist companies through these specific phases in which:

— Business strategy or changes require a new design of organizational models.
— It is necessary to direct the company's management towards prevention or solution of strategic, managerial and operational issues.
— The customer shall identify innovative solutions in managing flexibility and in reducing costs.


Why choosing Sky Job for counseling

Because Sky Job has implemented analytical methods that allows to define the best management model of flexibility.

Because the analysis identified and carried out allows the customer to acquire workforce totally in compliance with legal requests, ensuring, at the same time, the costs reduction related to labor market flexibility.