A young & innovative
Job Agency


Why choosing Sky Job?

Because we deal with work and while dealing with it, we set ourselves high standards.

We want to see businesses grow thanks to a special attention to the management of their own human resources. Furthermore, we want people reach their greatest professional fulfillment.

We are a young and innovative Job Agency. We are very active in the field of staff research, recruiting and outplacing.

But wait, there’s something more! 

We strive every day to give companies the best services that we can provide and the most specific solutions into the personnel management field.

We are confident that every company can achieve significant growth targets just by looking to maximize the potential of their resources. 

We also believe that employees are able to reach professional important achievements only whether supported by professionals in their path of outplacement and integration into the labor market.

Our mission

Is to provide growth opportunities through work. Is to provide companies with all the resources they need in order to achieve to the very best results, ensuring their employees continuous professional development.

Our Vision

“We want to promote development: We want to identify solutions allowing us to guide our client partners along their professional growing path. With clarity and transparency. With care. Together."

Our structure

We are an international professional network.

We touch base, connect and relate with the key European countries allowing us to connect both applicants and entrepreneurs one to the other, with the aim to create the best growth opportunities for both.

We have been working for years in the corporate services sector.
We perfectly know all the business dynamics that drive the growth and business development.

During 2015, our Group actuated significant acquisitions: an international team composed by the best experts in labor market and HR consulting. Thus Sky Job was born.

Sky job is a reliable international partner for all those companies that needs to rapidly, effectively and competitively meet all requirements related to company personnel management.



A team of professionals with specialist skills and competencies in the major areas of intervention:

— Services for both companies and candidates
— Training
— Organisational consultancy

A reference for candidates, who may rely on all attention and availability of a team.
Whose belief is that people are the most important and significant resource.

Our Services

We commit to ensure the matching of employment market demand and supply, identifying strategic and customized solutions. We start from the needs of our customers and from a deep understanding of all the human potential to achieve a goal: create value for both companies and applicants.

Thanks to our widespread network offices, we ensure all the support and management processes to:

— Identify the adequate candidates to be included in the company

— Support employees in their path of guidance and training

— Recruit resources for  limited periods which will hired  directly by Sky Job

— Assist companies to plan a proper HR management


Staff Leasing

It represents the ideal solution in those cases where flexibility becomes the top priority for the company. Briefly, SKY JOB will hire directly the employee.

search and selection

Research and selection activity aims to identify resources whose experience and expectations match with the tasks required, who are able as well to achieve the required tasks.


An adequate management of the staff has a considerable impact on the productivity of a company. It is very important to increase its value and competitiveness.


Discover how we can provide growth opportunity for you. Contact us by filling the form, or you can also give us a call to +44 (0)20 87206686